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Results: 1 - 20 of 61
Results: 1 - 20 of 61
  • New login screen
    26 Nov 2020
    From 3 December you will log in with a new login screen to many UvA systems, such as (My Timetable), SIS and TestVision (online exams). We would like to show you what the new login screen looks like, ...
  • Reminder: Major ICT maintenance weekend 21 and 22 November
    17 Nov 2020
    In the weekend of 21 and 22 November the biannual major ICT maintenance will be carried out on the network. This means that during the whole weekend (from Saturday 00:00 to Sunday 24:00) we cannot guarantee the ...
  • Address eachother ánd us about 1.5 m behavior
    2 Nov 2020
    1.5 meter in Amsterdam UMC Events have been canceled, pubs are closed, and everyone is advised to stay at home as much as possible. The corona virus has a major impact on our social life. And then it is nice if you ...
  • The Program Committee (OC) monitors the quality of education
    31 Oct 2020
    The OC is primarily charged with monitoring the quality of education, by advising the dean and the program director.
  • Do you experience problems calling UvA fixed telephone numbers?
    31 Aug 2020
    At the moment there are problems calling from outside to a fixed UvA number.
  • Welcome (back) at the AMC
    27 Aug 2020
    ‘Welcome (back) at the AMC!’, that is what I would have said in normal circumstances. Unfortunately, this is only true to a limited extent in these times. And even though we all secretly hoped it would all be ...
  • Corona news updates on Tulp intranet
    18 Mar 2020
    As from March 17 the intranet of Amsterdam UMC publishes news updates in English too
  • CORONA VIRUS UPDATE of Friday March 6, 6pm
    7 Mar 2020
    Travel guidelines Please check Tulp Intranet very regularly if you jare returning from abroad or if you are planning any travel on a short notice
  • CORONA VIRUS UPDATE of Thursday March 5
    4 Mar 2020
    Students and staff of the Faculty of Medicine must follow the guidelines regarding Corona from Amsterdam UMC. These prevail over those of the UvA.
  • Our reaction on the NSE results
    3 Mar 2020
    Our bachelor students are very satisfied with their study, 89% give the study a big compliment, according to the NSE survey. Our Master's students are particularly satisfied with the academic and professional skills ...
  • Dean Hans Romijn (l) and vice dean Saskia Peerdeman during the official opening ceremony
    Brand new lecture hall opened
    27 Feb 2020
    In use since December, but now officially opened: the new state-of-the-art lecture hall for Medical Informatics at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. Beam your presentation to a large screen from your seat in the room, ...
  • Student life is a hard life
    4 Feb 2020
    Student life is full of difficulties, challenges, exciting events, fun and bad experiences. Because in addition to leaving the pub completely drunk and eat a shawarma on a Friday morning at 5 a.m., skiing with ...
  • Course evaluations MAM
    14 Jan 2020
    MAM evaluations
  • Adjusted UvA opening hours during the holidays
    10 Dec 2019
    The Christmas recess will take place from Saturday, 21 December until Wednesday, 1 January. During this period most UvA buildings and facilities will be closed or have adjusted opening hours.
  • Intimidation policy
    2 Dec 2019
    Almost everywhere where people work there can be intimidation. Especially after the presidential election in the US in late 2016 and after accusations of film producer Harvey Weinstein by some famous American ...
  • Attend the Samen naar betere zorg Festival
    28 Nov 2019
    On Thursday January 16, the Together to better Healthcare festival is held. Exclusive tickets are available this year, because we are convinced that students, who are going to orient themselves about the job market, ...
  • NSE 2019 results
    4 Nov 2019
    Does it make any difference to the chances of recovery whether a patient with a certain ailment enters hospital A or hospital B? And where does that patient find the information to be able to choose from healthcare ...
  • Relevant information on the A-Z-list
    1 Oct 2019
    The A-Z list is an alphabetical list with information about the master that is not linked to a specific course. Examples of useful articles are: Electives, Graduation, and Year schedule. We found a solution that we ...
  • Major phishing attack on UvA and AUAS: be alert!
    23 Sep 2019
    Starting last week, the UvA and AUAS have been bombarded with phishing emails. The phishing attacks seem designed to send huge amounts of spam from the hijacked accounts. Be alert: do not click on links in these ...
  • Have you checked out the new UvAnetID website?
    20 Sep 2019
    You might have already noticed that has gotten a new and fresh design.