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Academic year 2020-2021

This academic year you will study in a different way than you are used to. To ensure that you can study in a safe environment, we have drawn up guidelines for access to the building and hygiene. You can also read what to do with complaints that indicate Covid-19.

What will your education and lectures be like?

Update April 21, 2021

Starting May 10, the Medical Informatics management team aims to resume education in the AMC for max 1 day per week per cohort. It will still be possible to participate in all educational activities from home. We are now awaiting approval from the Amsterdam UMC board. Once the approval is there, each course will announce any changes on Canvas.

Update February 25, 2021:

The UvA has announced what your education will look like in semester 2 and academis year 2021-2022. Within the Faculty of Medicine, the guidelines of Amsterdam UMC prevail, which is why education may look different for you. If so, we will inform you about this.

Update December 15, 2020:
As in semester 1, education in semester 2 is mainly online. All working groups and large-scale education will take place online again. Keep an eye on the news and check your schedule frequently. This means that you can follow almost all lectures and other forms of education online via Zoom.

Stay healthy during Corona times

The Corona measures and everything you have to miss as a result of those measures, can have a major impact on how you feel. Please hang in there; the UvA and Amsterdam UMC offer help, both practical and mental.

Please note that this information is only available in Dutch.

Basic guidelines

  • Always adhere to the guidelines of the RIVM.
  • Stay at home with complaints and get tested;
  • Keep 1,5 meters away from others;
  • Wash your hands often and cough and sneeze into your elbow;
  • Avoid crowds: leave when it is busy and travel outside rush hour as much as possible;
  • Clean your hands before and after class. The lecture halls have poles with cleaning cloths. Cleaning material is also available in all other classrooms.

Face masks

From December 1st, it is legally required for patients and visitors (from 13 years of age) to wear a mouth and nose mask during every hospital visit in Amsterdam UMC. Thit also applies to students. Just like in public transport, these are non-medical mouth and nose masks, which are for your own account.

How it works

You enter the hospital with a non-medical mouth and nose mask. Just like in public transport, these are non-medical masks. 

  • If you are sitting at 1,5 meters in the classroom, the mouth mask may be removed. Once you get up and start moving, you put it back on.
  • For skills training where you cannot keep 1,5 meters, you wear a medical mouth mask. These are distributed on the spot.

When can I come to the AMC?

Not sure whether you can come to the AMC? Use this decision tree to determine whether it is responsible to come to a lecture.

Access to the AMC

  • Enter via the LEFT entrance in building J0. This entrance is exclusively for students. The Amsterdam UMC wants to control the total number of people present in the building. It is therefore preferable to come to the faculty no earlier than 30 minutes before the start of your first teaching moment of that day.
  • Show your student card at the entrance. You will receive a wristband on presentation of your student card and after answering the screening questions. This way we can see that you are studying with us and we know that you are not ill at that time.
  • There may be a queue at the screening. We therefore ask you to enter the faculty no later than 15 minutes before the start of your first course.
  • Always wear your wristband visibly.
  • • No student card with you? Then you are not allowed in.
  • • As soon as you have finished your lectures, you leave the AMC via the J0 exit. Do not get stuck in the building unnecessarily.

Inside the building

  • Stay in the faculty building as much as possible (J0, K0, K01, L0, L01, L2).
  • Do you have a long travel time (more than 1.5 hours each way) and are you unable to follow digital education from home and then get to the AMC on time for physical education, or vice versa? Then you can follow digital education in the Medical Library (K0-216). Bring your own laptop / tablet for this. The Medical Library is open from 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

What do you do in case of (suspected) COVID-19 contamination?

  • Do you have complaints that could indicate COVID-19 as described on the RIVM site? Then get yourself tested immediately via the local GGD.
  • Stay at home while awaiting the test results and call in sick via the DSSD. Indicate that you are waiting for the test result.
  • Is your test result known? Then reopen the report from the DSSD and indicate whether your result was positive or negative.
  • Is the test positive? Then follow the RIVM protocol.
  • It is better to report via the DSSD after the isolation has ended.
  • If the test is negative (no Corona), you are welcome again at the Amsterdam UMC.
  • If you develop complaints again a few weeks later, make a new report in the DSSD.

Risk area

Have you been in a high-risk area in the past 14 days? And do you have no complaints such as coughing, fever or cold? Then you are welcome to attend lectures. Follow the RIVM guidelines.

Well ventilated

All (teaching) areas amply meet the requirements that apply to air treatment. That was the case before Corona and it still is. Read more about the standards for air treatment of RIVM (in Dutch).

What will your education look like from?

In the coming semester you will be able to follow all education online.This means that you follow many lectures and workgroups online via Zoom. But we don't do everything online. Opening lectures of a course will be organized on-site at the AMC. You also occasionally come to the AMC for small-scale group education and practica for which, for example, you need software that is only available in the AMC. Especially as a first year student it is important that you feel at home and get to know your fellow students. That is why we try to organize mentor sessions and other social activities on location as much as possible.

Safe and responsible

Of course we will keep a close eye on the situation and we only provide on-site education if it is safe and responsible. We follow the guidelines and policies of Amsterdam UMC, RIVM and the UvA. Because our faculty is located in the middle of Amsterdam UMC location AMC (the hospital), we are also dealing with the rules and guidelines of the AMC. These guidelines are leading. It is therefore possible that in some situations our faculty deviates from what is decided UvA-wide and also the rules at the AMC might seem stricter than those of the UvA.

Questions and more information


Keep an eye on your mailbox for important announcements.

Tulip Intranet

On Tulp Intranet you will find a page with news about Corona; there is general up-to-date information for employees and healthcare personnel of both hospitals (AMC and VUmc), and therefore less detailed information for UvA students.

Information from the UvA

You will find general information about corona on the UvA-site.

Consultation hours for study advisers and the International Office

Do you have a personal question that you would like to discuss with one of the study advisers or the International Office? Get in touch via the DSSD.

Other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!

Digital Student Service Desk (DSSD).