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The Teaching and Examination Regulations (onderwijs- en examenregeling, OER) contain the essential regulations about the curriculum and the exams of each programme. The (minimum) content of these regulations is stipulated by Dutch law. These regulations below follow the legal stipulations. They are also mainly based upon the formulations used in the central UvA-Model-Regulations. Moreover, these Regulations have also been harmonised to quite an extent with all other programmes of the College of Social Sciences (CSS) and the Graduate School of Social Sciences (GSSS). This OER is valid from the second of September 2019 until the next version of the OER is passed. The regulations referred to within this document are applicable without exception to all students of the programme at hand, regardless of the year the student began with the programme. When no transitional provisions are specified for older programme requirements and students who began with these older programmes are thereby possibly disadvantaged by the present OER, the Examinations Board will take relevant regulations from earlier versions of the OER into account in arriving at its decision. These regulations are up-dated each year and the latest version is published in the A-Z on your programme website