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Course registration

Course registration

Cultural and Social Anthropology (Master's)

You are required to register for elective courses during the official registration period. When you are registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the exams, resits and the Canvas page for that course.


All new students are registered for all their courses in Cultural and Social Anthropology by the study adviser. Students who need to redo courses in the following semester, please contact the study advisor by email. If you have any questions regarding your course registration, email the study adviser. 


You can cancel course registrations at Go to the 'Overview of registrations' tab, check the box next to the course you wish to cancel and click on 'Deregister' and then on 'OK'. You can only cancel courses up until 15 working days after the start of the course. 

Please note: it is important to deregister for courses you do not plan to follow. If you do not attend a course for which you registered, the result recorded for this course will be ‘NAP’ (the Dutch abbreviation for ‘non-attendance, counted as exam attempt’). Moreover, you will be preventing a fellow student from occupying your place in the course.