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Methods Desk Communication Science

Ask our Methods Desk assistants for free advice

Methods Desk Communication Science - for both bachelor and master students

If you cannot find the answer to your question through this website, please do not hesitate to ask the Methods Desk’s student assistants for help. There are three ways to contact us:

1)      Visit the Methods Desk for advice on complex statistical or methodological issues. 

2)      Use the online form (see below).

When using the online form please be sure to include your question and relevant background information, such as: 
-          What is your research about? 
-          What is your research question? 
-          How many respondents do you have? 
-          In which part/phase of your research are you now? 
-          What are the independent variables? 
-          What are the levels of measurement? 

Please try to include as much relevant information as possible so that our student assistants can point you in the right direction. Be as detailed as possible, but keep it to the point. If you find it too difficult to write down all this information, please visit the Methods Desk in person so that we can find an answer to your question together.

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