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Methods Desk Communication Science

About us

Methods desk Communication Science - for Bachelor's and Master's students in Communication Science

This page provides general information about the Methods Desk. It tells you what questions we are and are not able to address and how to go about finding an answer.

What does the Methods Desk do? 

The Methods Desk offers free methodological and statistical advice to students.

What does the Methods Desk not do? 

The Methods Desk offers advice and can help you on your way. We do not conduct research or perform analysis, and no rights can be derived from the information that we provide. It is also important to note that methodological and statistical problems often have multiple feasible solutions. There is therefore a possibility that our advice does not coincide with the advice of your thesis supervisor. In such case, we recommend that you visit the Methods Desk with your supervisor to discuss the various options. 

Who can make use of the Methods Desk?

The Methods Desk is intended for Communication Science students only. 

What type of questions or problems can the Methods Desk help you with?

Are you struggling with a problem related to your Master’s thesis or research practical training that you do not know how to solve? Then you can turn to us for assistance. Prior to visiting the Methods Desk be sure to structure your research on paper, taking into account the theoretical model, research questions and sub-questions, hypotheses, operationalisations, different variables (e.g. discrete and continuous) and analysis techniques. Keep it short and simple, but make sure you get the information across clearly so that our assistants can help you quickly and effectively. 

Second opinion

Doing research can be complicated. It is not uncommon that things are overlooked or double checked, especially in the design phase when it is easier to explore alternatives or make changes. ‘Is my design good enough?’ or ‘Do I have enough respondents?’ are typical questions that we can talk through at the Methods Desk. Again, make sure you are well prepared before visiting us and bring an overview with all relevant research information with you.

Feeling utterly lost?

Are you unable to see the wood for the trees? Don’t hesitate to visit the Methods Desk if you are stuck. We can help you structure a step-by-step plan that will help you move forward with confidence.