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Want to know more about Communication Science in practice?

Five times a year, the Graduate School of Communication hosts a colloquium series called Communication Science on the Spot. During these sessions, a communication professional is interviewed by a Graduate School lecturer or researcher.

CS on the Spot Myrthe Hilkens 2
On Tuesday 21 February 2017, Dr Bert Bakker and journalist Myrthe Hilkens talked about the interplay between media and politicians. Credits: Jasmin Eigemann.

Join the discussion!

The series is designed for Communication Science Bachelor's and (pre-)Master's students, PhD candidates, staff members and alumni. Attendees are always encouraged to ask questions in order to help stimulate a lively debate. So don't be shy, and feel free to join the discussion. 

Time to connect

Each session takes place on a Tuesday evening in CREA on the Roeterseiland campus. The evening ends with free drinks in the CREA cafe, making Communication Science on the Spot a perfect opportunity to meet up and connect with fellow students and alumni. And of course, a great way to chat with our guest speakers in an informal setting. 

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Your input matters

Would you like to nominate a communications professional to be our next guest speaker? Or is there a certain topic you would like to see discussed On the Spot? Don't hesitate to send an email to!