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Evaluation of the Master's Programmes

Evaluation of the Master's Programmes

Graduate School of Communication

The Graduate School of Communication has several ways of evaluating its Master's programmes, among which:

  • Students are asked to complete digital questionnaires to evaluate individual courses 
  • Student focus groups are held at the end of every semester to evaluate the programme as a whole, as well as the learning environment and teaching facilities 
  • Lecturers also complete questionnaires about the course they taught and indicate whether there are areas in which the course could be improved 

Also, all programmes offered by the Graduate School are formally accredited by the Netherlands Central Register for Higher Education Programmes (CROHO) and thoroughly assessed for re-accreditation every 6 years by the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO).

The Graduate School is being advised about the programmes and their policy by the Course Committee (OC), Advisory Council and Board of Studies. 

Action plans

The Graduate School of Communication composes a yearly action plan based on the results of the course evaluations by students, the focus groups and course evaluations by lecturers. Below you can find the action plans for the last couple of years. 

Action plan 2016-2017 Action plan 2015-2016 Action plan 2014-2015 Action plan 2013-2014 Action plan 2012-2013