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Adding or replacing courses using SIS

Adding or replacing courses using SIS

In exceptional cases, permission for an adjusted Master's curriculum can be granted by the Examinations Board. You should always make an appointment with the study adviser well ahead of the start of any alternative courses in order to ask for the required permission and to discuss the effects of this change on your study progress.

The Master's programmes of the Graduate School of Communication offer specialization options in the curriculum, which enable you to simultaneously broaden and deepen your knowledge of Communication Science in a major that matches your career plans. However, in order to guarantee the quality of the Master's and sufficient study progress within the designated time frame, there is only a limited amount of options open to adjust the standard study programme.

Once the study adviser has reviewed your request, you can use this manual to submit a petition in SIS, in order to have the alternative courses approved by the Examination Board and to have the request processed administratively in your academic plan. There are five different options.

Substituting two electives for an extra specialisation seminar

Substituting an elective for a course of another university

Replacing a specialisation seminar with a seminar from a different track

Adding extra courses to the academic plan

Requesting exemption from mandatory courses