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Board of Studies

Board of Studies

Graduate School of Communication

Every College and Graduate School has its own Board of Studies (BoS) consisting of the director of the institute, the program directors, representatives of the tracks and one or more students.

The Board of Studies advises the Director, coordinates the educational programs, monitors the quality of admitted and graduate students, the tutoring and the connection of undergraduate programs and designated corresponding programs. The BoS is important for students, because they are represented in this committee and therefore have a say.

The members of the Board of Studies 2017-2018 are:

  • Dr. Martine van Selm (director College of Communication)
  • Prof. dr. Edith Smit (director Graduate School of Communication)
  • Dr. Julia van Weert (programme group leader Persuasive Communication)
  • Prof. dr. Claes de Vreese (programme group leader Political Communication)
  • Dr. Piet Verhoeven (programme group leader Corporate Communication)
  • Dr. Jessica Piotrowski (programme group leader Entertainment Communication)
  • Dr. Eva van Reijmersdal (Persuasive Communication)
  • Dr. Linda Bos (Political Communication)
  • Dr. Monique Timmers (Entertainment Communication)
  • Dr. Joost Verhoeven (Corporate Communication)
  • Dr. Marcel van Egmond (Research methods)
  • Dr. Stephanie Welten (Assessment coordinator)
  • Alberta Christodoulaki, BSc (ombudsstudent Master's)
  • Fien Reerds (ombudsstudent Bachelor's)