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Examinations Board

Graduate School of Communication

Below you will find the contact info for the Examinations Board of (Research) Master of Communication Science and Journalism, Media and Globalisation. At the bottom you can find a link to more information about what you can contact the Board about and who are on the board at this time.

(Research) Master of Communication Science

Requests and complaints can be submitted to the board via the online form. Click here to go to the online form.

However, it is advisable to first contact  the Study Adviser for advice. 

Journalism, Media and Globalisation

To contact the Examinations Board of Journalism, Media and Globalisation, students can send an email to:

Make sure the following information at least be mentioned:

  • Contact details (including student number (if applicable) and email address);
  • A clear description of the situation regarding the complaint or request;
  • A clear argument / motivation; Any action already taken.