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Course registration

Course registration

Conflict Resolution and Governance (Master's)

You are required to register for elective courses during the official registration period. When you are registered for a course, you are automatically registered for the exams, resits and the Canvas page for that course.

Course registration periods


Course registration period opens

Course registration period closes

Semester 1 - Elective courses 8 October 2019 (08:00) 15 October 2018 (13:00)
Semester 2 - Research Project You will be registered You will be registered

 Specific instructions for CRG students

The master's programme consists of one core module (12 EC), one seminar (9 EC), one master's elective course (9 EC) and one research project (30 EC). You only register yourself via SIS for the elective course.

Step-by-step guide to course registration

Step 1: Enrol in your degree programme in Studielink

Request enrolment in an UvA degree programme in Studielink. This requires a DigiD.* It may take up to 48 hours before you can register for courses.

* If you apply for a DigiD or make any changes to it, you will receive an activation code within 5 days.

More information on enrolment and reenrolment

Please note that you have already taken this step since applying for the master’s programme requires registration in Studielink.

Step 2: Select your courses

Go to the Course Catalogue, find your degree programme and select the courses you want to follow.

Step 3: Enter your chosen courses in the Planner

Go to, find your courses and click on ‘Add Course’.

Step 4: Check your timetable

Go to the Planner tab and view your course timetable under ‘Open timetable’. If you have registered for tutorials, make sure that there is no overlap in your timetable.

Step 5: Complete the course registration

Go to the Planner tab, check the boxes for the tutorials (WG) [or other course components] you wish to follow and click on 'Register' and then on ‘OK’.

Step 6: Check your registration

Go to the 'Overview of registrations’ tab and check your registrations.