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Programme committee

Programme committee

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Every programme has a Programme Committee, the so-called opleidingscommissie. The members are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty.

Programme Committees (Opleidingscommissie - OC)

One half of committee consists of students of the relevant programmes, the other half consists of faculty members. The programme committee is the most important advisory body on programme level for management. The committee has rights granted by law:

  • give advice on the Teaching and Examination Regulations
  • yearly evaluation of how the Teaching and Examination Regulations have been executed
  • give advise, upon request or upon own initiative, about the management and structure of the programme
  • give advice, upon request or upon own initiative, about anything concerning the education within the programme.

Members of the OC are appointed by the dean FMG for a maximum period of 2 years (can be renewed) on the recommendation of the director of the GSSS.

Programme committee Master Cultural and Social Anthropology and Medical Anthropology and Sociology

Please note that this Programme Committee is a combined committee for the three master’s programmes of the GSSS in the Anthropology domain. In practice, meeting are also held in combination with the Bachelor’s Programme Committee for Anthropology and the committee therefore also deals with matters that concern the Bachelor.


  • Dr Milena Veenis (chair)
  • Dr Danny de Vries
  • Dr Luisa Steur


  • Eliza Zandbergen (bachelor)
  • Garib Önal (bachelor)
  • Marije Nieuwland (bachelor)
  • Giulia Scaroni (CSA)
  • Kathryn James (MAS)

Secretarial support: Barbara van der Laan,


Correspondence for the Programme Committee can be sent to: