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​​​​​​​How are the measures that the University has had to take due to the coronavirus crisis impacting the well-being of students and staff? To gain more insight into this topic, the University of Amsterdam is launching the ‘Crisis Monitor’ on Wednesday, 15 April.

All students and staff (excepting Amsterdam UMC staff, external PhD candidates and international exchange students), will receive an email invitation to complete a short questionnaire. The questions relate to their concerns about the crisis, work pressure or academic stress, the provision of information by the UvA, and facilities for working or studying at home. It also examines the extent to which students and staff are engaged in (additional) care responsibilities.

The results are important for policies and administration during the coronavirus crisis and will be used by the central organisation and the faculties/units. The results of the monitor will also be announced in the staff and student newsletters and on the website.

The Crisis Monitor consists of repeated measurements. After the first questionnaire, students and staff will receive an additional request to participate once every four weeks. Completing the questionnaires will take about five minutes each time. Learn how your privacy will be protected.