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Are you a student or doctoral candidate and do you have problems studying, personal problems, ADHD or autism? The UvA's psychologists can provide you with various types of support, such as groups, workshops, training sessions and consultations.

Who can get support?

  • Students at the UvA and HvA do not need a referral
  • PhD students at the UvA do not need a referral. We can offer you short-term help with psychological and other problems that are hampering your PhD or your life as a PhD student.

What can you come to us for?

When you have study problems, such as

  • a lack of motivation and concentration
  • a tendency to put work off and a lack of discipline
  • fear of failure, fear of exams, fear of writing, fear of giving presentations
  • stress and worrying excessively about your studies
  • study delay, internship problems, graduation problems

When you have personal problems that stand in the way of studying, such as

  • family problems, for example a difficult relationship with your parents, or absent, divorced, sick or deceased parents
  • difficulties in establishing or maintaining contact with people
  • worrying, general insecurity, negative self-image, being too strict on yourself when it comes to studying
  • slight to moderate despondency, anxiety or tension complaints

If you have study problems due to ADD, ADHD or autism

If you have study problems due to ADD, ADHD or autism or want to prevent them, you can make use of the extra study support provided by the UvA/HvA.

Studying with ASD (information in Dutch)

Studying with ADD, ADHD (information in Dutch)

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When not to come to us

Please, contact your doctor: 

  • if you have health problems,
  • if you have problems that are of a serious nature, or
  • if your problems have existed for some time

In these cases, it is better to visit your doctor. Together with you, he or she can find out what is going on and, if necessary, refer you to the Practice Supporting Care Provider, the Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ) Basic/Generalist or the GGZ Specialist.

If you are being treated elsewhere and you are dissatisfied with the treatment, it is advisable to discuss your dissatisfaction with your practitioner or with whoever referred you to this practitioner. In most cases, this is your family doctor. However, when your current psychotherapeutic treatment pays insufficient attention to your study problems, we will see if we can help you with this in consultation with your practitioner.

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Other assistance

UvA General Practitioners Practice (Oude Turfmarkt)

If you live in Amsterdam, you can register with the Student Doctors’ general practitioners practice. In case of emergency or crisis you can contact the UvA General Practitioners Practice.

Information about the UvA General Practitioners Practice