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Study adviser Faculty of Science

Looking for a challenge

If you are looking for a challenge during your studies, want to participate in extra activities in addition to your study programme, or play high-level competitive sport, the study adviser can provide you with information about taking additional courses or doing a minor or second Master's programme.

I am looking for a challenge

If your degree programme does not offer enough of a challenge, or you wish to deepen your knowledge, there are a number of ways you can go about this. These are just a few of the options available: 

  • taking additional courses;
  • serving on a committee or board, enrolling in a second Master's programme...

Your study adviser can help you figure out what possibilities best meet your wishes.

I play high-level competitive sport

If you are a high-level competitive athlete who has been granted special Championship Sports status, discuss how you can best combine your studies and your sporting career with your study adviser. For example, special agreements can be made with lecturers, or you can make adjustments to your study plan. The University of Amsterdam has special Championship Sports Regulations, which, among other things, provide financial support if you need more than the regular allotted time to complete your degree programme. To be eligible for this support you must contact your study adviser in a timely manner to discuss the delay you have incurred.