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Examinations Board

Tasks of the Examination Board

For the organization of examinations a Board of Examiners has been installed. Each programme has its own Board which:

  1. Gives her approval to studyprograms ("approval of subject combination")
  2. Evaluates the work done for graduation
  3. Leads the graduation ceremony

Members of the Examination Board

The Board of Examiners consists of members of the teaching staff of the programme.

Programme Biological Sciences

  • Prof.dr. S.B.J. Menken, chair

  • Dr. R.C. Schuurink

  • Dr. W.E.J.M. Ghijsen

Programme Biomedical Sciences

  • Dr. E.M.M. Manders, chair

  • Dr. C.P. Fitzsimous

  • Prof. dr. R.J. Oostra

Programme Life Sciences

  • Prof. dr. A.K. Smilde, chair

  • Prof. dr. Th.W.J. Gadella

  • Prof. dr. C.G. de Koster


The Examination Board can be contacted by mail

Examination Board Biological Sciences and Life Sciences
p/a Education Service Center FNWI
Postbus 94214
1090 GE Amsterdam

or by e-mail: