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Change UvAnetID password

How do you change your password?

1. Before you begin:

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer to change your password, i.e. not your smartphone or tablet.
  • Keep your smartphone or tablet on hand.

2. Change your password:

  • Go to the UvA’s ID management system via and log in.
  • Click on my account.
  • Complete the fields and then click Apply on the right of the screen.
  • Various systems and devices, such as your smartphone or tablet, will automatically prompt you to enter your new password. All you will have to do is log in using your new password.

If you wish to receive more information or if you have encountered a problem, download the extensive instructions. Please note: Alwaya open the extensive instructions with Adobe. Opening them in a browser won't work.


Online security is a priority at the UvA. We take various measures to ensure our students are able to work safely. Among them are our password regulations, which stipulate that all students and staff must change their UvAnetID annually to ensure digital security.