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Welcome new students

Welcome new students

Here you can find a summary of all the useful information that you need as a new student.
You can also find more detailed information in the A-Z list.

  • Introduction Day

    Due to the Covid-19 crisis the Introduction day(s) in August 2020 for the new students at Sciencepark have to be adjusted according to UvA policy and government policy. Therefore we are currently working on organizing an Introduction Day in a revised form in order to welcome our new students. We will update this information as soon as possible.


  • Additional important information on restriction course registration courses MSc AI

    Due to the large number of students who apply for admission to the master programme AI, the programme was forced to place some restrictions on several courses. The programme and the Graduate School of Informatics regret having to enforce these restrictions on courses, but lacks the facilities to admit all students from other programmes.

    The courses from the master programme Artificial Intelligence are available to all students for registration, but please note that due to the limited capacity of the courses students of the master programme Artificial Intelligence have priority.

  • Course Catalogue

    Consult the Course Catalogue for general educational information and for specific information about the master’s programmes, courses, contact persons, etc. Here you can also find which Faculty (educational institute) organises the course. The Course Catalogue is available online.

  • Student ID card

    You will need a student ID card to identify yourself for classes, exams and study centres at all UvA locations, and to borrow books at the University library (UB). At the ILLC you also need this card to open the doors of the MoL room and the MoL meeting room.

  • Timetables

    Your personal timetable is available on Datanose, login with your UvAnetID. Voor de general schedule of the Master of Logic, please see the MoL schedule.

  • Canvas

    Most UvA-courses are supported by Canvas, our online learning environment. Login with your UvA-net ID.

  • Meeting for International Students in October

    The faculty will organize a meeting for all international students of the Faculty of Science on Thursday 1 October at 17.30.

    Due to the present situation, the meeting will be online. You will get acquainted with the Dutch academic environment, receive information about social activities and meet the with your fellow international students. There will be a fun activity at the end of the meeting.

    In September you will receive an invitation with more details for this event by e-mail.

    We hope to see you all there!

Still need more information?

Please contact the Education Desk FNWI.