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Welcome new students

Here you can find a summary of all the useful information that you need as a new student.
You can also find more detailed information in the A-Z list.

  • Introduction Day

    The Introduction Day of the master’s programme MSc Logic, organized by the Graduate School of Informatics, will take place on Thursday September 1st 2022. All new students will receive a personal invitation (with QR code) to the GSI Introduction Day with more details.

    The introduction day for Logic students which is organized by the ILLC will take place on Friday September 2nd, and you will be informed about the programme within the coming weeks.

    During the GSI introduction event on Thursday, we welcome all new master’s students, who will start their studies per September 2022, of the Graduate School of Informatics (GSI) to the Science park campus. The Introduction Day will include a tour of the Science park campus, a welcome by the director GSI and study advisers and study association (VIA) and a welcome session by the programme director of the master’s programme Logic.

    Schedule of the GSI Introduction Day event:

    • 10:00 – 11:00: Online welcome to all new Master students of the Graduate School of Informatics
      • Dr. Paola Grosso, Director of Education of the Graduate School of Informatics 
      • Cecilia Sigvardsdotter, Study Adviser 
      • Pim Meulensteen, Chairman of VIA (Student Association) 
      • Daan Jellema (Student Council) 
    • 12:30 - 13:30: Doors open for registration Central Entrance Hall of Science park 904 
    • 14:15 – 15:00 Tour of the Science park campus by VIA students  
      • Please check your invitation for your group number and the starting point of the tour
    • 15.00 -16.30: Introduction to the programme by the programme director/lecturers/students 
      • MSc Logic: Room: C1.112 
    • 16:30-21:00: Barbecue and drinks for all new students of  the Graduate School Informatics (served by VIA) – Science park campus (lawn next to University Sport Centre)
      • If you want to join the barbecue please make sure you sign up!
      • The sign up form will be published here.


  • Registration procedure for UvA-courses

    First Semester

    As the MSc Logic is an interdisciplinary Master's programme, courses are organised by different Graduate Schools and Educational Institutes. At times, this can be confusing as these schools and Institutes have different registration deadlines and registration procedures for first year students in their first semester or if you, for some reason, are too late to register within the deadline. In those cases please read the instruction on this webpage carefully:

  • Additional important information on restriction course registration courses MSc AI

    Due to the large number of students who apply for admission to the master programme AI, the programme was forced to place some restrictions on several courses. The programme and the Graduate School of Informatics regret having to enforce these restrictions on courses, but lacks the facilities to admit all students from other programmes.

    The courses from the master programme Artificial Intelligence are available to all students for registration, but please note that due to the limited capacity of the courses students of the master programme Artificial Intelligence have priority.

  • Course Catalogue

    Consult the Course Catalogue for general educational information and for specific information about the master’s programmes, courses, contact persons, etc. Here you can also find which Faculty (educational institute) organises the course. The Course Catalogue is available online.

  • Study Starter Guide

    In this booklet you find information about the organisation of our education programmes, the study facilities, guidance from the faculty, and everything else related to student life in Amsterdam. Please read it carefully and keep it as a reference for later.

  • Meeting for all international students in October

    The faculty will organize a meeting for all international students of the Faculty of Science in October.

    You will get acquainted with the Dutch academic environment, receive information about social activities and meet with your fellow international students. There will be a fun activity at the end of the meeting.

    In September you will receive an invitation with more details for this event by e-mail.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    All students of the master Logic are expected to use their own laptop.

  • Student ID card

    You will need a student ID card to identify yourself for classes, exams and study centres at all UvA locations, and to borrow books at the University library (UB). At the ILLC you also need this card to open the doors of the MoL room and the MoL meeting room.

  • E-mail account UvA

    UvA students can use an UvA email address via Google Apps for Education.

  • Timetables

    Your personal timetable is available on Datanose, login with your UvAnetID. Voor de general schedule of the Master of Logic, please see the MoL schedule.

  • Canvas

    Most UvA-courses are supported by Canvas, our online learning environment. Login with your UvA-net ID.

  • Any questions?

    Please follow the link below.