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Asking questions during (online) education

In this day and age, it is sometimes extra difficult to determine where you, as a student, can go with a particular question. With our decision tree, we'll try to get you started as best we can. We have also compiled a number of tips to email professors and other university staff.

Where do I ask my question?

Use the decision tree to the right to determine the best place to go with your question. Click on the illustration to enlarge it. You can also download the decision tree as a PDF and print it out if you find that easy.

Download the decision tree as PDF

  • 5 tips to email professors and other university staff
    • Formulate a clear subject line. ‘Question about Private Law essay’ works better than ‘Help!’
    • Use a neat salutation and ending. ‘Dear ...’ comes across better than ‘Hey’.
    • Show that you have done some preliminary work. For example: ‘I looked at the canvas page and the schedule, but I can't find where the study group takes place’.
    • Always include your student number.
    • Check your message for (appropriate) language and grammar and avoid exclamation points. An email calls for more formality.
  • Rules of conduct

    At the university, we treat each other with respect. Therefore, we apply the following rules of conduct:

    • Be present at all lectures and participate actively; building knowledge together is easier.
    • Provide a safe learning environment: 'What happens in the classroom, stays in the classroom'.
    • Respect each other and accept others as they are. Everyone should be able to make mistakes and express his or her opinion.
    • Take action if you or someone else is being bullied, intervene immediately or ask a student advisor for help.
    • Follow the rules even when interacting outside of a lecture.
  • Do's and Don'ts
    • Follow the instructions of your professors.
    • Turn on your camera, this will help your professors get their message across and make virtual contact with your fellow students.
    • Put your microphone on mute and only on when you want to say something.
    • Raise your virtual hand if you have a question.
    • Be mindful of your (virtual) background, also for privacy reasons.
    • Do not secretly take videos or photos of your fellow students or professors.
    • Behave as you would during a lecture on campus.