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Members of the Diversity Commission

Diversity Commission of the Amsterdam Law School

The Diversity Commission of the Amsterdam Law School consists of representatives of the academic staff, the support staff, and students from the bachelor’s and master’s programmes. It is chaired by Faculty Diversity Officer Maike Steen.

Diversiteitscommissie Amsterdam Law School
The Diversity Commission at their bi-weekly meeting.

Employee members

V. (Verónica) Arnaiz Rivas

Faculty of Law

Library FdR

I am working at the Law Library and I have been a commission member since the start of CEDI in 2019. Born in Ourense (Spain) and grew up in a little town where I used to be the only one from another background and speaking another mother tongue during primary and secondary education. Always thought the key was adaptation, but I have changed my mind with the years: inclusivity is not a one-way-direction. That’s the reason I want to contribute to more awareness and my motto is ‘inclusion and diversity starts with yourself’.  

S.A.G. (Stephanie) Harderwijk

Faculty of Law


I am currently working for the secretariaat and I have been a CEDI member since January 2021. I became a member of the CEDI because I think it is important that the faculty is a reflection of society. I also believe that everyone should feel welcome within the institution. Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity are essential. I am excited to commit to these themes and I hope this will bring about a positive change.

Mr. A.P. (Arnout) Klap

Faculty of Law

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Dr. N.E. (Nuria) Ramos Martin

Faculty of Law

Labour Law

I worked as a researcher/lecturer at the Labour Law Department of the University of Salamanca from 1999 to 2003. In 2005, I defended my PhD thesis on "Equal treatment in EU Social Law". I am currently Assistant Professor at the Labour Law Department AIAS/HSI. I have coordinated several projects dealing with precarious employment, telework, European social dialogue, industrial relations in the public sector, new forms of employment and equal treatment.

Mr. M. (Maike) Steen

Diversity Officer Amsterdam Law School

I started on 1 March 2021 as Diversity Officer of the Amsterdam Law School. In addition, I work as a lecturer at the department of public law, section criminal law. I am grateful that in the role of Diversity Officer I can shape the values of diversity, inclusiveness and equality together with everyone in this faculty in the field of the composition of our staff and student population, the content and design of our education and research and the work and education environment. In the next years, I want to make sure that our faculty appropriate the richness this entails. Please read my interview for more.


W.J. (Jill) Toh

Faculty of Law

Information Law

I am a PhD candidate at the Institute for Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. Born in Singapore, and having studied in different universities across Europe, I believe that creating a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive education environment is critical and necessary work if we are to imagine better futures for our societies.

Student members

  • Isabel Clarke, Master's student
    My name is Izzy and I am a Master's student of International Criminal Law. I was born in Hong Kong and moved across 5 different countries, finishing high school in the Hague. I joined the Diversity Committee because I want to support equal learning opportunities, diversity and inclusion for all the students at the UvA. I feel very passionate about working with the other committee members to forward a plan of action that benefits all students and I hope we can achieve positive change together! 
  • Fadi Fahad, Bachelor's student
    My name is Fadi and I am a Bachelor's student of Law. During my time at the Amsterdam Law school I have often experienced shortcomings with regard to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. To me, this is a consequence of fairly innocent unawareness rather than deliberate harm. I therefore feel immensely empowered to start altering both the social as well as the learning environment within our faculty.
  • Gara Lanzas Pelaez , Master's student
    I am Gara and I am a Public International Law LLM student at the UvA. Originally from Spain, I have been involved in student representation and LGBTQ+ activism since the start of my university years, and I would like to continue that work at the Amsterdam Law School, pitching in to make it even more equal, more diverse and more inclusive.
  • Fungi Millenaar, Bachelor's student
    I am a law-student with political ambitions. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and raised in Amsterdam. I joined the Diversity Commission because I believe in equality and inclusion for all. Accepting and celebrating diversity is a key aspect to be able to achieving this goal. Together we can do it!
  • Ramla Yusuuf, Bachelor’s student and student assistant CEDI
    My name is Ramla and I am a 4th year Law student. I have joined the Diversity Commission, because I truly believe that equality, diversity and inclusion are important topics, which I wanted to work on at the Amsterdam Law School. I would like to contribute to a stronger policy and make the Amsterdam Law School a place where everyone feels at home.