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Study Advisers

Study Advisers

Amsterdam Law School

Academic study advisers are at the ready to answer questions about your (choice of) studies, study plan, or personal circumstances (that have an impact on your studies). All consultations with academic study advisers are confidential.

What are some of the things you can approach a study adviser for?

  • Study planning and study delay guidance;
  • Help making (study)choices;
  • Discuss personal circumstances that affect your studies;
  • Information and guidance on the BSA (binding study advice) process;
  • Career counselling;
  • Questions about Teaching and Examination Regulations and transitional arrangements.

How should you prepare for a consultation with an academic study adviser?

The more well-prepared you are for a consultation with an academic study adviser, the more efficiently and effectively the study adviser will be able to help you. The A-Z list and the course catalogue provide a great deal of information; look there first before contacting a study adviser.

How to prepare for a meeting with a study adviser

In order to make the most of your time with a study adviser, be sure to read all rules and regulations concerning your question, as well as information available on the law school and university websites. Check the Academic A to Z page for answers to frequently asked questions and common academic problems.

Contact a study adviser

Heleen van Galen
Scientific Excellence Programme

Irene ter Stege

Anouk Oude Hergelink
Career counselling (no individual study counselling)

Marlous Donders
Honours College

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Student Counsellors

You can in some cases approach a UvA Student Counsellor directly, or you may be referred to one by a study adviser. Student Counsellors also provide training and workshops on various topics, e.g. starting a thesis, study skills, time management and applying for scholarships. Please note that expenses may be involved.

Student Counsellors

Student Psychologists

Students confronted with problems of a psychological nature can request the help of a Student Psychologist.

Student Psychologists

UvA Career Services

UvA Career Services is a valuable source of information on preparing for and finding your way on the jobs or PhD market. UvA Career Services also organises various courses including a job interview training session and a workshop on Psychological Research.

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