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Master Law & Finance

Here you'll read more about what education will look like in the academic year 2020-2021. It will be a mix of online and on campus education. We would like to explain which educational activities will take place specifically for your Master’s programme in the first semester and in particular in block 1.

Education in the coming period

Based on the government regulations and UvA’s constrained possibilities due to (amongst others) restricted building usage and special public transport traffic flow agreements based on the Corona measures, our Master in Law & Finance (MLF) programme is currently aiming at offering ‘hybrid education’ in Semester 1 Block 1. In this first block, the course Accounting and Financial Reporting will be offered fully online. The other two courses are scheduled to be offered in a hybrid form: partly online and partly on campus.

Complying with all Corona-related rules, we will still be able to let approx. 65% of our students attend the lectures on campus. In practice, this might even mean 100%, depending on how many students come to Amsterdam. The tutorials will be taught on campus for approx. 10 students per time. We plan to rotate this tutorial on-site attendance amongst students in Amsterdam so that all students in residence get the UvA campus experience and real-life connection with course coordinators and fellow students as much as possible. The lectures and tutorials will be streamed simultaneously to all other non-attending students connected via Zoom.

All students are strongly recommended to come to Amsterdam for the best educational experience, since our selective MLF programme has especially arranged to offer hybrid education with a serious on campus component and also plans to increase on campus education as soon as circumstances and regulations will allow for this. Also, each year our selected MLF student body forms a true group. Students often study together and for several courses group assignments and group presentations are required. Also, we are thinking of establishing small ‘student buddy groups’ or ‘mentoring groups’, meant to help you connect and share ideas, tips and experiences with each other. We aim at accomplishing group cohesion with your new cohort like all other years, so that you will achieve great academic results while establishing true friendships and valuable professional connections for life.

All on campus teaching will take place in rooms and lecture halls that allow 1.5 m distance between students. Needless to say, the on campus arrangements are subject to the Covid-19 situation in the Netherlands. Should the government impose further restrictions to secure health and safety, it may be necessary to move (some) education that is planned on campus, online.