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Changed policy internships

Due to the Corona crisis the policy for Master's students that follow the course ‘Internship’ or have already planned an internship has changed.

Due to the measures taken to combat the coronavirus (COVID-19), the following provisions are in place:

  • As long as the government's advice is to work from home, there is an exception regarding the requirement that 140 hours of the internship must be carried out on location. In order not to detract from the learning objectives of the course, it has been decided that:
    • an additional requirement for the approval of internships will apply. In corona time, interns should be able to attend online meetings, to have direct (online) contact with clients and colleagues and to attend (online) social activities, so that it is possible to observe and reflect on professionals in their role. Internship providers should describe in a few sentences on the  Registration Form how they think they can meet this requirement.
    • in the interim report, students should provide information about the guidance received at the internship location, especially in the context of working from home.
    • students have to answer an additional question in the end report about the influence of working from home on the internship as such and more specifically on the client relationship, mutual (collegial) trust and communication.
    • internship providers should indicate on the evaluation form how the intern has been involved in the organization, despite working remotely
  • Internships abroad are still strongly discouraged. Permission can only be granted if the country where the internship takes place has a positive travel advice (code green or yellow) and when no further domestic travel restrictions within the country in question are in place. If you have returned to the country of your origin that has negative travel advice (code orange) and you have found an internship or research project your place of residence, permission may be granted when you can demonstrate that the travel movements or activities do not conflict with local COVID-19 regulations. Please note that the code orange will have to be solely due to the COVID-19 measurements. Permission for internships abroad can only be granted after consultation regarding the possible consequences. Furthermore, permission can only be granted after you have explicitly indemnified the UvA of its duty of care and against all potential damage and claims from third parties. This is because the UvA cannot fulfil its duty of care in the aforementioned cases.