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Amsterdam Law School

Please see the Teaching and Examination Regulations for the rules governing exemptions.

You may request for exemption from a course in the Master’s programmes based on credit received for coursework done  that is similar in substance and scope. We advise you to first consult an academic study adviser. The Examinations Board itself offers no prognoses concerning exemptions.

You will be informed of the results of an exemption request within 20 business days of filing it. The Examinations Board cannot, however, process your request unless it has received a complete file.

Please note: You cannot submit a petition until you have enrolled as a law student at the UvA.

Students on bench in front of REC building
  • No Exemption for a Thesis

    A thesis offers proof of your scholarly capabilities and, as such, is considered the jewel in the crown of the academic degree programme. Therefore, no exemptions are granted from Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, not even on the basis of equivalent achievements in other (law) degree programmes.

  • Conditions for exemption from Master’s degree requirements

    Please note that the credit for a course upon which an exemption has been based must have been earned no longer than 5 years before the date a Master’s diploma request is filed.

    Exemptions cannot be granted from restricted-choice electives (gebonden keuzevakken) or free-choice electives (vrije keuzevakken) in the Master’s based on credits earned elsewhere if alternative elective courses are offered as part of the Master’s programme. Exemptions cannot be granted from Master’s requirements based on credit earned for courses given at the Bachelor’s level. If credit has been earned for a Bachelor’s level course that is very similar in scope and content to a required Master’s component, you will need, in consultation with the Examinations Board, to take another Master’s component instead.

How do I submit a request?

  • Requesting exemption from a required component of the curriculum

    Follow these steps to submit an exemption request:

    • In SIS, under the heading “My Study details”, navigate to “My academic plan” and select the course for which you plan to request exemption;
    • Click on “Submit petition”;
    • Select request type “1 Exemption” and click Continue;
    • Outline the request;
    • Provide a link to the course description in the Course Catalogue of the course for which credit was previously earned, or add a document containing the course description from the year course credit was earned;
    • Click on “Submit”;
    • Provide a certified transcript for the course for which credit was previously earned. In the current situation, in which a lot of work is done at home because of the coronavirus, the certified transcript has to be delivered digitally. Please make sure that the certified transcript is sent directly by the other university to