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Examinations Board

Examinations Board

Amsterdam Law School


Students can apply to the Examinations Board about subjects including:

Read the above information thoroughly before addressing a request to the Examinations Board. When writing to the Examinations Board, always include your full name and student number.

  • Duties and competences

    The duties and competences of the Examinations Board are laid down in the Dutch WHW (law concerning higher education and scientific research) and worked out in the Examinations Regulations. Examples are:

    • establishing objectively and competently whether a student satisfies the requirements in the OER (Teaching and Examination Regulations)
    • awarding degree certificates and diploma supplements
    • assuring the quality of exams
    • granting exemption from one or more exams
    • approving elective courses
    • applying disciplinary measures in cases of fraud
    • granting permission to follow a free curriculum
    • awarding a transcript to students who have completed more than one exam successfully, but who have not completed all requirements for a diploma
    • granting permission for special exam facilities in case of disability or chronic illness
    • awarding admission to pre-Master's and Master's programmes.
  • Members of the Examinations Board
    • Prof. C.M. Cappon (chair)
    • Dr H.E. Kjos
    • Dr A.P. Klap
    • Dr G.P. van Nifterik
    • B.K. Olivier, LLM
    • Prof. B.E. Reinhartz
    • S.G.H. Spoelder, MA (external member)
    • Prof. J.L. van de Streek
    • Dr K.C.J. Vriend
    • Dr G.J.P. de Vries

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