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Dual Master’s Degrees

Amsterdam Law School

How much overlap is allowed between two separate Master’s degree programmes?

When obtaining a second (or subsequent) Master’s degree or track of a Master's degree at the Amsterdam Law School, a maximum of 12 EC obtained from courses that formed part of a previously awarded degree may be included in the second (or subsequent) degree. Each qualification must consist of a minimum of 48 EC for unique courses. Should there be more than 12 EC from compulsory courses in the programmes of both degrees, alternative courses will have to be successfully completed for the part exceeding, which share sufficient common ground, to be assessed by the Examinations Board, with the content of the degree in question.

See art. B-4.10 paragraph 2 of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations

What about two tracks of the same Master’s degree programme?

The overlap requirements that apply to dual Master’s degrees apply in this situation, as well. Please note:

If you complete the requirements for two tracks, you will be awarded a single diploma with both tracks mentioned in the diploma supplement and not two separate diplomas. However, it is important that you wait to apply for a diploma until you have completed the requirements for both tracks. If you apply before completing the requirements for one of the tracks, you will, at most, be able to request a list of marks for the courses completed in the second track.

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