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Step-by-step course registration plan

Amsterdam Law School

Follow the steps below to register for your courses.

Master's course registration

For the academic year 2022-2023, from semester 1 on, GLASS will be used for the course registration of Master courses. See the Course registration below for the step-by-step course registration in GLASS.
For semester 1 2022-2023 the registration for courses in GLASS runs from July 1 (10:00) till July 6 (13:00).


  • Course registration via GLASS: how does it work?

    The course registration process in GLASS consists of registration rounds. To be able to follow your courses, you register for them at the beginning of every semester during a registration round. 

    Round 1: the most important

    In the first round you secure a spot in your mandatory courses, so it's important you register in this stage. It does not matter when in this period you sign up.

    Rounds 2 and 3: changes and tweaks

    The later registration rounds can be used to make changes to your registration and choose new courses if you have been rejected from a course in the first round, based on availability. This way, you will end up with the best possible timetable at the end of the rounds. 


    After every registration round, you will find out for every course in which tutorial you have been placed. You will also be able to view your timetable. When curating your timetable, your preferences are taken into account as much as possible. 

  • Step-by-step course registration in GLASS

    Registration in GLASS  for 2022-2023 semester 1 will take place:

    Bachelor courses June 13, 10:00 - June 24, 13:00 result available July 1
    Master courses July 1, 10:00- July 6, 13:00 result available July 12

    During this period, you will be able to indicate your preferences for the courses you wish to take in Semester 1, period 1, 2, 3. You will no longer have to choose tutorials. You can however specify your time preferences. Because GLASS eliminates the ‘first come, first served’ principle, it no longer matters at what point you register within the aforementioned period.  

    You can check in which tutorial you have been placed for each course, and you will be able to view the timetable. Naturally, avoiding overlap between courses and your time preferences will be taken into account as much as possible. 

    Step-by-step course registration GLASS

    Step 1:  Find your course in the Course Catalogue

    Go to the Course Catalogue, find the course you want to register for and select ‘Add to course registration’ 

    Step 2: Sign in with your UvAnetID

    You will be redirected to GLASS. Please log in with your UvAnetID. 

    Step 3: Add your course and choose your teaching method (if applicable)

    A pop-up will indicate whether the course is open for registration. If it is, you can add the course to the course registration.
    Do you want to sit an examination without attending the tutorials (if available)? If so, choose the ‘TGOW’ (self-study) option.
    The course will appear in the ‘Course registration’ column.  

    Step 4: Add all your courses

    Repeat these steps for all courses. Check if all your courses have been added to the ‘Course registration’ column.

    Step 5: Add your time preferences (if any)

    You will be able to use the clock icon in the course registration column to designate up to 2 time slots when you would prefer not to follow any education. This will be taken into account as much as possible while allocating students to tutorials. 

    Step 6: Check your designated tutorial

    You will receive an email when your registration has been processed. Please log into GLASS to find out in which tutorial you have been placed.
    To deregister from courses in GLASS, simply click on the course you have registered for and click the deregister button in the window that opens. 

    If you have further questions about GLASS, please complete this form

  • Placement

    Guaranteed placement in compulsory courses (upon timely registration)

    If you register during the course registration period, you are guaranteed a place in the courses that are a compulsory part of your degree programme. To find out to which tutorial you have been assigned, consult GLASS.

    Limited capacity for some electives 

    Some electives are subject to a maximum number of participants.

  • Deregistering from courses

    Deregister from courses on

    It is important to deregister from courses you do not plan to attend. This gives another fellow student the chance to register for the course.