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Course registration

Course registration

Amsterdam Law School

In order to take part in the degree programme, you must register for courses during the registration period.

Registration periods

Make sure you complete your registration for courses during the registration period, as this is the only way to guarantee a place on compulsory courses.

The registration period for the Master's courses:

Semester Registration period starts Registration period closes
Sem 1 Tuesday, 9 July (13.00) Thursday, 18 July  (13.00)
Sem 2 Tuesday, 3 December (08.00) Tuesday 17 December (13.00)

Check the registration periods for all UvA degree programmes.

Go to the overview of the registration periods for all UvA degree programmes

  • Step-by-step course registration plan

    Step 1: (Re)-enrol for your degree programme in Studielink

    Use Studielink to request enrolment in an UvA degree programme. This requires a DigiD.* Once you have enrolled through Studielink, it may take up to 48 hours before you can register for courses.

    * If you apply for a DigiD or make any changes to it, you will receive an activation code within 5 days.

    Step 2: Select your courses

    Go to the Course Catalogue, find your degree programme, and select your courses.

    Step 3: Add your courses to the Planner

    Go to, find your courses and click on 'Add'.

    Step 4: View your schedule

    Go to the 'Planner' tab and view your course timetable by clicking on 'View timetable'. The timetable is arranged in such a way that if you stick to the recommended curriculum order, the components (compulsory or otherwise) will not overlap. If you take courses in a different order or take optional/elective courses, make sure there is no overlap in the classes or exams.

    Watch the tutorial and read more on Timetables in the A-Z-list.

    Step 5: Complete your course registration

    Go to the 'Planner' tab, tick the desired tutorials for your courses, click on 'Register' and then on 'OK'.

    Step 6: Check your course registration

    Go to the 'Overview of Registrations' tab and check your course registrations.

  • Deregistering from courses

    Deregister from courses on Go to the 'Overview of Registrations' tab, tick the course, click on 'Deregister' and then on 'OK'.

    It is important to deregister from courses you do not plan to attend. This gives another fellow student the chance to register for the course.

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