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Security and surveillance

Within the University of Amsterdam (UvA), the central control room is the contact point for reporting incidents. The central control room has a pivotal role in security and is therefore staffed 24/7

The central control room is responsible for:

  • providing assistance in the event of emergencies and large-scale incidents;
  • dispatching internal and external emergency services outside of opening hours;
  • alerting the BHV teams during opening hours;
  • organising and managing security and surveillance in buildings and on grounds;
  • monitoring and operating security cameras;
  • supporting reception services with on-call surveillance officers. See Reception for more information.

Reporting an emergency

In the event of emergencies or urgent matters, please call the central control room directly. You can call 24/7 on 020 525 2222. Please note! Unsafe situations in the building and (near) accidents should also be reported to the Service Desk and your direct supervisor. (Note that from 1 October 2015 all incidents must be registered by filling out the registration form for this purpose, which can be found under Incident reporting). 

Surveillance services

Surveillance officers provide security-related assistance in buildings and on the grounds, both during and outside of buildings’ opening hours. They are on-call 24/7 and their duties include:

  • monitoring the order and safety of the buildings, parking areas and grounds;
  • monitoring the enforcement of the parking policy;
  • authorising and assisting suppliers and emergency services outside of office hours;
  • conducting opening and closing security rounds;
  • alarm follow-up, e.g. in case of burglary or fire alarms;
  • operating the fire alarm system.

Contact Service Desk Facility Services (FS)

T: 020 525 1403

Facility services forms

Access all the forms you need to report malfunctions, submit and keep track of reports: (new window).