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Every month, the Faculty Diversity Office interviews a staff member of the Faculty of Science about a book, a film or something else that has inspired them on the theme of Diversity. This month in "Faces of Science Park": Lisa Teichmann, PhD candidate at SILS, kicks off and discusses the book ‘a lab of one’s own’ by Rita Colwell and Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.

Lisa Teichmann
Lisa Teichmann

Lisa Teichmann: ‘During my engineering studies I wondered why all the professors were male. Half of my fellow students were female, and some were the best of the semester. During my science career the question remained. Why are all the group leaders men, when the majority are women?

First female director

I recently bumped into the book ‘A lab of one’s own’ in which  Colwell, one of the top scientists in the US and the first female director of the National Science Foundation, documents experiences from herself and other female researchers;  the obstacles women have to face when they want to get into leadership positions, and what they have to endure when they fight the status quo.

This book helped me understand how difficult it is for women to follow their dream of becoming a scientist in the last decades, and why female role models are sometimes hard to find.’

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