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Are you curious to know what it’s like to be a member of the programme committee? On this page the student member of the programme committee for the Physics and Astronomy Bachelor’s programme share their experiences. If you want to get in touch with the student members of your programme committee, check the contact page.

Mark Snelders: My membership of the programme committee made the programme even more interesting to me

‘I joined the programme committee because I enjoy being in a position where I can critically review the programme in order to make it even better. I make an effort to review all the available information, and so now I know a lot more about the programme. Students regularly come up to me with questions and usually I’m able to provide them with answers. It makes me proud to have become much more involved with the programme. It made the programme even more interesting to me.’

Ruben van Ruiten: Our input leads to real implementations

‘I like that the voice of the student fraction of our programme committee is heard and leads to real implementations. For example, when many students were concerned about the work pressure in the first-year practical, adjustments were made to the course. Another example was when the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) suggested we include a course of ‘philosophical’ nature in the curriculum (i.e. ethics or philosophy of science). We then surveyed the students to get their thoughts on the matter and based on that wrote an advice for the programme director. He then proposed to amend the second-year final project, to make room for such a course.’

Fenna van der Ploeg: It would be great if students spontaneously come up to me with suggestions about our education

‘I see it as a personal challenge to create more engagement with the programme among students. A lot of students have ideas for improvements, but are not aware they can bring these to the programme committee or how. When you’re a student, it sometimes seems as if everything’s already been decided, but that’s not the case: people are constantly working on making the programme better. I think it’s important that students are involved in that process. I think it would be great if a student spontaneously came up to me with a suggestion for our education.’

Laura Schleeper: I’m proud of how we serve the students’ interest

‘I like to be involved with my programme, considering I spend the largest chunk of my time on it. The time I spend on the programme committee differs from week to week. In a week with meetings, I spend most time on it. In addition to the committee’s assembly, we have a separate meeting with the student fraction. And as vice-chair, I also meet with the chair and the secretary to set the agenda. I also have to prepare, which means I spend time reading up on all the topics we’re going to discuss. It makes me proud to see how well we work together and how we serve the students’ interest and the quality of the programme.’