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Would you like to join the Programme Committee?

Do you know the Programme Committee plays an important role in improving the quality of your programme? Do you want to discuss about improvements in your programme?

Then joining the Programme Committee may be for you! At the beginning of each academic year Programme Committees are looking for new student members.

What can I do?

As a student member of the Programme Committee you will:

  • Advise your programme director on the Teaching and Examination Regulations
  • Discuss course and curriculum evaluations
  • Identify and analyse developments within your study programme and make recommendations about the former to your programme director
  • Keep in touch with fellow students in your programme
  • Attend Programme Committee meetings
  • Actively fulfil your duties in the Programme Committee between eight and ten hours a month
  • Receive an invitation for a training day


If you’d like to become a Programme Committee member, you can apply for a position through the application form.