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Pre-master Information Studies

Pre-master Information Studies

The Information Studies pre-master programme is designed to cover small gaps in knowledge or skills that are necessary to follow one of the Information Studies tracks. Here you can find more information when you are admitted to the pre-master programme.

  • Enrolment procedure

    Please note that you first have to enrol in the Information Studies’ Master programme in Studielink before we can continue with the admission procedure. The pre-master is not available for students who are not eligible for the master programme. 

    Please choose below the track you want to apply for

    The admission deadlines:

    • For students with a nationality from outside the EU/EEA applies: if you have minor deficiencies in your knowledge of which you expect these could be covered by the pre-master programme, we strongly advise you to submit a complete application before 15 November in order to start the pre-master in time.
    • All students must have completed and passed the exam for the necessary e-modules before 1 September, in order to enrol in the Master programme. 
  • Start of the E-module
    • Every E-module has a moderator, who will guide you during the E-module.
    • An E-module will be made accessible only shortly before the start of a period, because of online meetings and adaptive release (Q & A). 
    • A few days before the start of a module, the moderator or premaster coordinator will send you a welcome mail and will give you information about the weekly meetings
  • Online exams

    All the E-modules exams will be online. Taking an online exam will make it possible for you to stay at home and not stress out about traveling and losing time. You will just use your internet connection, computer and a smart phone to take your exam. In order for the online exam to be similar to the offline one, there will be a proctor (a supervisor) on the other side of the computer who will first set up the exam environment and then monitor you during the exam.

    The proctor will help you to set up the exam environment and monitoring you and your screen during the exam. They are there to help you with technical issues (e.g. you can’t hear them, your camera stopped working, etc.) and monitor the exam process so that the terms of the exam are not violated. 

    The exam candidates will receive an e-mail from ProctorExam with the information and the link to the online proctor exam.

    Due to corona measures it is not possible to take exams at Science Park

    Students taking the online exam are responsible for a good internet connection and power supply during the exam.
    If it is not possible to make the test or to finish the test for any reason (technical malfunctions, network problems, power outages, etc.) this is at the students’ own risk.
    In the case of disconnection(s) or based on the suspicious proctoring evidence material the exam can be declared invalid. The program cannot be held accountable for this.

    If you have not received a link to the online proctor exam a few days before the exam, please contact the pre-master coordinator in time. 

    After the exam

    • The moderator will contact you with the results of the exam (pending the results of the Proctor monitoring).
    • If you have passed the exam (and have completed the pre-master), you will be able to finish your enrolment in the master Information Studies. 
    • If you have failed the exam, you can do one resit. Please let the pre-master coordinator know if you want to make the resit exam. In the schedule (which will be published asap) you can see when the resit will be.

    Please note you have only one opportunity to follow the pre-master programme! If you fail your resit, you fail the pre-master course and will not be admitted to the master. 

  • Refund rules

    You do not want to start the E-module

    If for any reason you decide not to take the E-module you will only be refunded the costs (minus 10 euro administrative fee) if you let us know at least 2 weeks before the E-module starts.  

    You do not want to continue the E-module?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to get a refund of the tuition fee if you decide to stop with an E-module when it has already started. If for some reason you are not able to finish the E-module, but you can probably do this in another period, contact us to discuss what the possibilities are.

    Please let us know if you want to stop or not start the E-module.

Still need more information?

Please contact the pre-master Coordinator