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Welcome new students

Useful information

Welcome new students

Here you can find a summary of all the useful information that you need as a new student.
You can find more detailed information in the A-Z list.

  • Choose your project for the Data Systems Project - no later than August 22nd

    For the Data Systems Project course that starts in September you will need to choose a project. Please read the project descriptions provided below. The kick off for this course will be on Monday 30th of August 2021. 

    Let us know your preferred project no later than August 22nd by filling out this form -  !

    In case you do not choose a project, we will choose one for you.

    Projects of 2021-2022:

    1. Scalable healthcare with data science, Smart Health Lab, link
      Main keywords: ML, Healthcare, Wearable devices, Privacy, Prediction, Explainable AI
    2. Generating computer understandable legal code using Natural Language Processing, TNO - OLE, link 
      Main keywords: NLP, Computational Models of Norms, Knowledge Graphs
    3. Risk-based fire safety inspections, Gemeente Amsterdam, link
      Main keywords: ML, risk prediction and analysis, modelling and simulation
    4. Ensuring fairness for medical AI applications, Pacmed, link
      Main keywords: ML, Healthcare, Intensive Care, Fairness
    5. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.: vacancy scanner to increase inclusion and diversity of the labour market,  Amsterdam Data Collective, link
      Main keywords: NLP, ML, Fairness, Diversity, Interfaces
    6. Intelligent use of public space, Gemeente Amsterdam, link
      Main keywords: ML, crowd prediction, multi-modalities, visualization
    7. Explainability in medical image analysis, Quin, link
      Main keywords: ML on Images, Healthcare, X-rays, Explainable AI
    8. From irrelevant statistics to relevant factors in predicting legal procedures,  ArbeidsmarktResearch UvA, link
      Main keywords: NLP, Case Law, Arguments, Relevant Factors for Decision
    9. Uncovering modus operandi
      TNO - National Police Academy, link
      Main keywords: NLP, Extracting behavioural schemes from text
    10. Increasing relevance through bookmark clustering, Linxpy, link
      Main keywords: Recommender System, Interface, Bookmarking
    11. Build the bridges to build the bridges
      Grondstoffen Collectief Nederland (GCN), link - 
      Main keywords: Data and Knowledge Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Visualization
    12. Mapping CCTV surveillance, Dr. Buzzo, link
      Main keywords: ML, Computer Vision, PoI Collection and Browsing
    13. Visual collection search: object detection in paintings, Q42, link
      Main keywords: Computer Vision, Object Detection, NLP, Knowledge engineering
    14. API-BOX: boosting an open data environment to facilitate work-learning matching,, link 
      Main keywords: Data and Knowledge engineering, Intelligent Systems, ML, System Refactoring, Interface
  • Introduction day Information Studies

    The introduction day of the Master Information Studies will take place on Thursday September 2nd 2021. During this day you will receive study-related information about the faculty, the programme and your specific track. Please click the link below for more information and the programme. 

  • Registration procedure for UvA-courses

    First semester: with your UvA-net ID you need to register for courses via Once you have registered here, you will automatically be enrolled for the compulsory courses in the first semester. Please make sure you click confirm before leaving this page. Within the Information Studies curriculum, four courses (in total 24 EC) in the first semester are compulsory and there is room for one elective course in period 2. In the second semester, you will have another compulsory course in period 4 and one elective course in period 4. Please consult the Course Catalogue for information on courses (see below).

    Second semester: As of the second semester, you have to register for courses yourself through SIS, see:
    Please note that the deadline for registration for courses of the 2nd semester is in December 2021 or January 2022. You will be informed about this in time through email.

    Possibility to choose an elective course outside the master’s programme IS

    Within the curriculum elective courses are offered in period 2 and 4. This explorative space is a way for the student to investigate areas that are close to his or her interest. We do not insist that students choose only among the courses we suggest. Each student is free to select any course at any Dutch (block 2) and Dutch or International University (block 4) that fits the student’s needs. The following steps are required to select a different elective:

    1. Please check beforehand that you are eligible to attend the course and that the other institution will allow you in (i.e. contact the course coordinator and confirm participation).
    2. Provide a short description why this course is relevant for you, a link to the course description and the block you intend to take the course to the programme director, Sennay Ghebreab: The course has to be a course on master level and provide 6 EC.
    3. Once you got approval please indicate in SPA (Study Plan Application: that you intend to follow a different course. For that you have to replace one of the provided electives and then request approval by  the Examination Board (make use of the button). Please provide the course name, institution and link to the course description. 

    This step can be done from beginning of September but needs to be done at least 3 weeks before the course starts. Once the course is officially approved by the Examination Board you will see this in the SPA description.

  • VU course and exam registration

    The master's programme IS is offered in collaboration with the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam. As a UvA student you will take one or more (compulsory or elective) courses at the VU in one of the VU buildings on De Boelelaan in Amsterdam Buitenveldert. You have to be enrolled for these courses with a VU-net ID.

    As soon as your registration at the UvA is completed and the tuition fee is paid you will receive a VU-net ID from the VU. The VU-net ID allows you to log in to the VU-net student portal where you can register for courses and examinations.  If you do not register on time you have to wait until the next regular teaching or examination opportunity, in most cases a year later. So it is very important that you register for courses and examinations in time.

  • Course Catalogue

    Consult the Course Catalogue for general educational information and for specific information about the master’s programmes, courses, contact persons, etc. The Course Catalogue is available online.

  • Study Starter Guide

    In this booklet you find information about the organisation of our education programmes, the study facilities, guidance from the faculty, and everything else related to student life in Amsterdam. Please read it carefully and keep it as a reference for later.

  • UvAnetID

    As soon as you are enrolled as a student at the UvA you will receive a UvAnetID from the Central Registration Office. If you completed your bachelor study at the UvA, your UvAnetID is still the same. If you have any problems with your UvAnetID password, you can contact the Study Centre (Library) at Science Park 904 for assistance.

  • Canvas

    Most UvA-courses are supported by Canvas, our online learning environment. Login with your UvAnetID.

  • Study adviser

    Students may consult the study adviser for advice on individual situations like studying with a disability/chronic illness, combination study/work, personal circumstances, (temporarily) terminating the study programme as well as for advice regarding planning or doubts about your master’s programme. The study adviser can refer to lecturers, committees and departments within or outside the Faculty. The study adviser has knowledge of the rules and regulations concerning the educational system.

  • Education Desk FNWI

    The Education Desk is situated at Science Park 904 on the first floor. Opening hours daily from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

    Master students primarily contact the Education Desk for:

    • the registration of study results
    • information on schedules if not on-line
    • to pick up forms
    • to inquire about study and examination procedures
    • to make an appointment for the application of a MSc degree 
    • for a Transcripts of Records and English translations 
    • for procedures concerning approval from the Board of Examiners, such as approval of study programmes, special courses etc. 
    • for statements from various authorities

Still need more information?

Please contact the Education Desk FNWI.