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Join us and get to know the work of the 13 artists of the Humanities Ever After exhibition! In a series of 4 online talks we will discuss the projects of Humanities Ever After, each time with a different group of artists, each time centered around a different theme.

Event details of ONLINE TALK | Humanities Ever After: Storytelling & Finissage
Date 4 March 2021
Time 20:00 -21:45
Photos: Annie van der Werff
Photos: Annie van der Werff

Join us for the 4th talk and online finissage of Humanities Ever After next Thursday! Stories and storytelling run through this exhibition as an overarching topic. Storytelling touches upon so many questions: how do we express ourselves? How to make sense of the world around us? How do we give meaning? Which stories do we tell, and which ones do we hide?

Coming Thursday night we will hold our last online talk of the exhibition. We discuss ‘System for Interpretation’, the video work of Rosa Klerkx. Vere van der Veen gives a workshop on her expertise: image and language. And we have a conversation with Layla May Arthur and Su Melo about the role of stories and storytelling in their projects.