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Eduroam manuals

Connecting to eduroam after password change

Sometimes eduroam does not accept the new password and keeps asking for it. In that case you need to reinstall the SecureW2 software, needed for eduroam. On this page you can read how to set that up for different operating systems.

  • Instructions for Windows

    For a Windows computer, follow the instructions below:

    Step 1: Remove the old SecureW2 software

    • Click on the Windows start button on the bottom left to open the Windows menu.
    • Open the Control Panel and choose Programs > Programs and Features.
    • Click with your right mouse button on SecureW2, then click on 'Uninstall’.

    Step 2: Reinstall SecureW2

    • Open an internet browser and go to
    • Enter your (NOTE: this is not your email address) and the new password.
    • Click on 'JoinNow’.
    • After these steps you can connect to eduroam.
  • Instructions for Mac

    To restore the eduroam connection on a Mac, it is necessary to replace the Wireless Profile. 

    Step 1: Remove the Profile

    • If you are connected to eduroam: disconnect.
    • Open 'System Preferences’.
    • Open 'Profiles’.
    • Select the UvA profile.
    • Delete the UvA profile by clicking on the minus sign. Enter your Mac password to perform this action.

    Step 2: Install new profile

    • Go to
    • Enter your (NOTE: this is not your email address).
    • Click on 'Join Now'.

    Step 3: The file SecureW2.mobileconfig is downloaded

    • Open SecureW2.mobileconfig.
    • Click on 'Continue' in the Profiles window.
    • Type in your new UvAnetID password twice.
    • Enter your Mac password.

    The profile has been reinstalled. You can now connect to eduroam.

  • Instructions for iPhone and iPad

    Step 1: Delete old profile(s)

    • Go to Settings > General.
    • Select 'Profiles' on the right part of the screen.
    • Delete the profile ‘University of Amsterdam eduroam MobileConfig' by clicking on it and then selecting 'Delete profile’.
    • When asked for the code, enter the security code of your device.
    • If there are more profiles UvA, repeat the previous steps for each of them.

    Step 2: Reinstalling profile

    • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi.
    • Go to the home screen and open Safari or another browser.
    • Open the page
    • Follow the instructions on this page: Fill in your and click on 'Join Now'.
    • On the following screens, enter your password and confirm everything.

    After this you can connect via eduroam. Check in Settings > Wi-Fi.

  • Instructions for Android

    You are not connected to eduroam. Perform the following steps: 

    • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
    • Select eduroam and choose 'Forget'.
    • Go to the home screen and open internet in a browser.
    • Open the page (This page will probably open automatically).
    • Download the app and install it.
    • If necessary, you must adjust the security for the installation of the app by allowing Installation of applications from trusted sources.
    • Follow the instructions and enter: and password.
    • Confirm.

    After this you can connect via eduroam. Check in Settings > Wi-Fi.