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Elective credits within Bachelor's programmes

Elective credits within Bachelor's programmes

Most Bachelor's programmes within the Faculty of Humanities include electives in the second and third year. Elective credits enable you to define your curriculum to suit your personal interests and talents. 

Terms and conditions

In each Bachelor's programme conditions apply to the fulfilment of the elective credits. You can find the conditions in the Course catalogue.


In principle, any course within the Faculty of Humanities or any other faculty or university can be taken as an elective, provided that you meet the entry enquirements. In addition, most programmes offer separate electives.

If you wish to complete electives at another university, please note the following: 

  • Enquiries about the registration procedure and deadlines must be directed to the university in question. 
  • You must first register there as a guest student.
  • You must obtain the permission of the Examinations Board.

You can find all courses available at the Faculty of Humanities in the Course catalogue.


A minor is a coherent curriculum. Minors can be good preparation for Master's programmes or specific professions. Note: in some programmes a minor is a compulsory part of the curriculum.


During internships, you get an impression of the opportunities available on the job market. You will put the knowledge gained during your studies into practice and discover what type of work suits you. Naturally, the work experience that you gain during your internship can be included on your CV. Please see the link below for more information.

Internship BA

Study abroad

Finally, the Faculty of Humanities offers a variety of opportunities to study abroad, both within and outside Europe. A short stay abroad is also possible for a summer course, conference, research or field work.

Study abroad


When completing your electives and any additional courses/curricula, make sure you maintain a realistic study schedule. If you run up a delay, you may not be admitted to a selective Master's programme. The study advisers can advise you when making your choice.