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With support from the Getty Foundation as part of its Conserving Canvas initiative, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) is pleased to announce the Dutch Method Unfolded, a two-week masterclass to provide knowledge and hands-on experience on wax-resin linings: history, impact on paintings’ condition, and consequences for conservation practice.

Detail Summary
Start date 8 February 2021
End date 19 February 2021
Location Ateliergebouw
Wax resin

The masterclass provides a platform to share expertise and reflect on the consequences of wax-resin linings for today’s conservation of lined paintings. In doing so the masterclass aims at helping professionals in the fields of art history and conservation to understand the physical condition of wax-resin lined paintings and therefore to contribute to the conservation of paintings that subjected the treatment.


Hobbemastraat 22
1071 ZC Amsterdam