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Student counselling

Various people are ready to help you during your studies. If your study is not progressing to your satisfaction or if you need guidance and support for a different reason, you can contact your tutor or your programme's study adviser. Find out more about your options on this page.


A lecturer of your programme will be assigned to be your tutor, who will assist you during your studies by providing structural feedback on your study habits, study results and study choice. Some programmes set up tutor meetings as early as the first few weeks of the academic year, while others organise these meetings in October or November. Each tutor tutors around 20 to 35 students. This tutor group will be the group with which you will take part in at least all of your first-semester seminars. You will be informed of who your tutor will be at the end of August.

Study advisers

Each study programme has one or more study advisers who can assist you with any issues or questions you might have regarding your studies. They know what the study options are within the various programmes and can act as an intermediary between students and lecturers. If you have any questions about your study planning, if you question your study choice, or if you have incurred study delays due to illness or personal circumstances, please contact the study adviser of your programme.

Student counsellor

Do you have a disability, chronic illness, ad(h), autism or dyslexia? Or are there any special circumstances that might impact your studies, such as caregiving, pregnancy or top-class athletics? The student counsellor can inform you of the facilities and support that the UvA has to offer, such as, for instance, extra provisions during examinations. If possible, contact the student counsellor before the start of your programme, so that we can offer you as pleasant a time studying as possible and prevent study delays.

Student Careers Centre

The Student Careers Centre is specialised in advising international (non-Dutch) UvA graduates about job seeking in the international labour market and can assist you in your job search.