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From Bachelor's to (pre-)Master's in 2020

'Soft cut' with restrictions, for students starting in September 2020

With regard to the next academic year, the UvA is enabling you to start your (pre-)Master’s even if you have not yet fully completed your Bachelor’s. We call this ‘a soft cut with restrictions’. Normally, we maintain a ‘hard cut’, meaning that students cannot start their Master’s until they have obtained their Bachelor’s degree. The university has implemented this 'soft cut' regulation in order to avoid disproportionate delays for students who have fallen behind during the final phase of their Bachelor’s or pre-Master’s programme due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus outbreak. If you do not expect to graduate before 1 September, you can make use of this regulation.

Who is this regulation aimed at?

This regulation applies to students who have been accepted to their (pre-)Master's at the UvA Faculty of Humanities in September 2020 and who are enrolled for a Bachelor's or pre-Master's programme in 2019-2020, either at the UvA, another university or university of applied sciences. Please check if you have any questions regarding your visa or residence permit.

What does it entail?

For the (pre-)Master’s programmes taught in the Graduate Schools of Humanities, this ‘soft cut with restrictions’ entails the following:

  • You can be admitted to a (pre-)Master’s programme if you have yet to obtain fewer than 15 ECTS of your Bachelor’s, and if you meet all of the other entry requirements.
  • If you are doing a Humanities pre-Master’s programme, you must have completed 80% of this programme.
  • The remaining maximum of 15 ECTS can consist of courses, your Bachelor’s thesis or other course components such as an internship, exchange, or fieldwork.
  • You are required to complete these remaining courses or course components during the academic year 2020-2021. You will be able to do this at any point during the academic year. You must obtain your Bachelor's degree before you can complete your Master's degree. If you are going to take a two-year Master's, you must complete your Bachelor's degree in 2020-2021 to be able to start your second year.

The Faculty of Humanities’ (pre-)Master’s programmes are not setting any conditions with regard to which courses you are required to have completed. However, because of the increased study load, we do recommend that you take care in considering whether the full programme can feasibly be completed. Unfortunately, we also cannot guarantee that there will be no overlap with regard to the planning of such things as examinations.

How does it work?

If you are looking to start your Master’s while you have not yet fully completed your Bachelor’s, please take the following steps:

1. Enrolment via Studielink

Enrol in both the Bachelor’s (or pre-Master’s) as well as the (pre-)Master’s programme in Studielink (you will only have to pay the statutory tuition fees once). It has been possible to re-enrol in Bachelor’s programmes since 12 May. The Master’s application deadline of 15 May has passed. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevented you from submitting your application before the application deadline, please contact the Admissions Office.
Are you looking to do a Master’s at a different Dutch university? Please check the requirements of the university in question. If you are in need of a statement, you can request this via the Education Desk.

2. Course registration

Register for the courses of both your Bachelor’s as well as the Master’s programme during the course registration period (9-23 June 2020). Please register even if you have not yet received the admissions decision. Placement is guaranteed for compulsory Master’s courses. If you enrol in a pre-Master's programme, you will be placed in the compulsory courses automatically.

3. Request for admission with study delay

After you have been (conditionally) admitted into the (pre-)Master’s, you must submit a request for admission with study delay. The application form had to be filled in before 1 September 2020

Please make sure to choose the official programme name. This is the same as the programme you enrolled for in Studielink, and it is also stated in your admission decision. 


If you have any questions, please pose them online via the Digital Student Service Desk: