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Off to a good start

In order to make sure you are off to a good start in your programme, we have compiled an overview of a lot of practical matters. You will find all of the information you will need up until the first day of lectures of the academic year of 2020-2021 below.

  • 1. Complete your enrolment and request your student ID card

    Make sure that you have completed your enrolment by 31 August at the very latest, but it is, of course, better to do so at an earlier date. You can view the status of your enrolment and any steps you are still required to take, such as paying your tuition fee, via your Enrolment checklist.

    If you have any questions regarding your enrolment, please contact the Central Student Service Desk.

    Student ID card

    Go ahead and request a student ID card via by uploading your passport photo. Your student ID card will allow you to borrow books from the library and make use of coffee and vending machines in the canteens.

  • 2. Your introductory activities

    Your programme will kick off with a few events that are intended to acquaint you with your programme and with student life. We have created an overview of all the introductory meetings, including programme-specific ones, that you can view by following the link below. Although due to the measures surrounding the coronavirus outbreak, it is not yet fully clear which of these events will take place on location and which ones will be held online, the overview page will be updated to reflect any new information. 

    Please note: many introductory activities at the Faculty of Humanities take place in the first week of the first semester (the week from 31 August to 4 September) instead of the week before. On the timetables website ( you will find these activities in the regular timetables, and not under Introduction weeks.

    Facebook group for new students

    Consider joining our Facebook group in which you can meet students that will also start a Faculty of Humanities programme this year.

  • 3. Your first academic year: what is what?

    Student counselling

    The UvA offers various forms of student counselling. If there are any special circumstances that might impact your studies, or if you are in need of extra facilities or support, we advise you to discuss this as early as possible, preferably even before the start of the academic year.

    Academic calendar

    The Academic calendar provides an overview of all the dates that are important for you to know, such as the examination periods and holidays.

    Your courses and timetable

    If you are curious about the courses you will be taking, you can check out the Course Catalogue. If you are starting a Bachelor's or a pre-Master's programme, you do not have to register for first-semester coures; the Education Desk will take care of this for you. In the final week of August, you will receive an email containing information about your first-year group as well as your personal timetable for the first semester.

    If you are starting a Master's programme, you are required to register for your courses by yourself. Placement in compulsory courses of your Master's programme is guaranteed even if the registration system indicates you will be placed on a waiting list. In June, you received information about course registration. If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Education Desk.

    Once you have registered for courses, you can view your personal timetables on UvA's timetables website ( and in the MyUvA app. Please note: because of the Corona measures, the timetables are subject to change. 


    Canvas is the UvA's digital learning environment. Here, you will find all teaching materials, articles, assignments and messages for a course. Go ahead and check it out ahead of time, if you're curious!


    The Course Catalogue will show you which study materials to acquire for each course. Please note: no separate list of textbooks will be provided. You can order your textbooks online via book shop Athenaeum or (with a discount) via your programme's study association.

    Get to know our services

    During your studies, different matters may arise. Where do you go with your questions?

  • 4. Academic Literacy Test (Bachelor's students only)

    In order to successfully complete a university degree, you must be equipped with essential language and literacy skills. All first-year Bachelor's students at the Faculty of Humanities take the Academic Literacy Test during their first semester so that extra support can be provided to those who need it. The test gives you an indication of your academic literacy skills and which areas you may still need to work on in order to do well in your studies.

    Due to the corona measure, the exam will take place online instead of on location. To take part in the exam, you will need a computer an internet connection and a quiet place to work. You will be informed by email well in advance.

For more information on practical matters, from self-quarantine to housing and transport in Amsterdam, please visit this website