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New students

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities!

Where to go for information

Education Desk

With your study-related questions you can visit the Education Desk of the Faculty of Humanities. The faculty's Education Desk is located in BG2 at Turfdraagsterpad 15-17.


In the A-Z list you will find key information on topics such as admissions and enrolment, graduation and UvA facilities.

Facebook group for new students

Join our Facebook group and meet students who also start their studies at the Faculty of Humanities in September!
Academic matters
Here you will find information concerning academic matters that apply to all students studying at the Faculty of Humanities.
As a UvA student, you will be able to make use of online and offline study facilities. Your UvA student card and UvAnetID will give you access to these study facilities and more.
Study progress
There are various measures and facilities available to help you succeed in your studies from beginning to end.
Student counselling
If you are unsure about how to proceed with your studies or if you require counselling for other reasons, you can contact the tutor or study adviser for your programme.
Living in Amsterdam
Moving to a new city and beginning and starting a new study programme is an exciting experience. To help you settle in Amsterdam and get acquainted with the city, we have listed some useful links for you.
Health and well-being
Find out what health and well-being facilities are available to you as a UvA student.
Here you will find a wide range of extracurricular activities available to UvA students, ranging from joining a study association to learning a new language.
Got a question about starting your studies at the UvA? Check out the FAQ for quick tips and useful links.