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Curious about all the extracurricular activities you can participate in while studying at the Faculty of Humanities? Below you will find a wide range of extracurricular activities available to UvA students, ranging from joining a study association to learning a new language.

  • Student representation

    If you would like to represent students in discussions on educational matters, educational facilities and students' interests, consider joining the Central Student Council (CSR), your Faculty Student Council (FSR FGw) or the ASVA.

    Student representation

  • Student associations

    Amsterdam also has a thriving student community with various student associations to participate in alongside your studies. Student associations with an international focus are ISN, AEGEE, AIESEC, ASVA, ISMA and SIB. For more information see: 

    Student associations

  • Sport & Fitness at USC

    Stressed and tired? Regular exercise can help you be at your best academically, socially and physically. From Aikido to indoor climbing, the University Sports Centre (USC) offers a full range of sport and fitness activities for you to participate in.

    More about the USC