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Academic matters

On this page, you will find information concerning academic matters that apply to all students studying at the Faculty of Humanities.

Academic calendar

For an overview of the start and end dates of semesters, study periods, exam weeks and lecture-free days, download the academic calendar 2019-2020 below:

Academic calendar

Course registration

Course registration takes place in June and in December. For more information about course registration, go to:

Course registration - Faculty of Humanities


To check when and where your classes take place, go to Alternatively, you can find your timetable on the MyUvA app.

My timetable

UvA apps

Grading scheme

Follow the link below for the grading scheme used by UvA lecturers:

Grading scheme

Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

For each type of degree programme offered by the Faculty of Humanities, there is one general set of rules laid down in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER).

OER - Teaching and Examination Regulations Bachelor's

OER - Teaching and Examination Regulations Master's

Plagiarism and fraud

The UvA has regulations in place governing fraud and plagiarism. Students who have committed serious fraud may have their enrolment terminated and be no longer allowed to finish their study programme. It is therefore important to know which academic rules you must follow.

Plagiarism and fraud