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In the fall of 2020, the Inclusion and Diversity team distributed a survey among all Faculty of Humanities students in order to research subjects such as inclusion and diversity, the extent to which students feel at home, and the (future) diversity policy. This way, the faculty aims to create an accessible, diverse and inclusive community in which all students feel at home. The results of the survey are now available.

The survey was completed by 1245 students, which boils down to a response of 17,7%. The respondents are more or less representative of the entire Faculty community in terms of the male/female ratio, the ratio of Dutch and international students, and students with a migration background. The number of respondents is also more or less evenly distributed between the programmes. Relatively speaking, slightly more Bachelor’s than (pre-)Master’s students completed the survey.

Overview results and report

You can view the overview of the survey’s results as well as an extensive report via the links below.