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Joining the Programme Committee

Faculty of Humanities

Programme Committees are open to new student members at the beginning of each academic year. 

As a student member of the Programme Committee, you will:

  • advise your programme director on the Teaching and Examination Regulations, course catalogue and examination timetables;
  • discuss course evaluations;
  • identify and analyse developments within your study programme and make recommendations about the former to your programme director;
  • keep in touch with fellow students in your programme;
  • attend Programme Committee meetings (at least four times a year);
  • participate in faculty Programme Committee meetings (four times a year);
  • actively fulfil your duties in the Programme Committee between eight and ten hours a month;
  • receive an invitation for a training day.
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This model stimulates the active participation of students in education and policies, in order to maintain and ensure the quality of the programme, and of the faculty as a whole. Asli Ozgen-Tuncer (member of the PC of Media Studies, MA) Read the testimonial

Applying to a Programme Committee

If you would like to become a Programme Committee member, you must apply for a position. At this moment it is not possible to apply.

The applications will be forwarded to the committee of your study programme. All Programme Committees have their own planning and procedure for selecting student members. More information about the procedure can be obtained from the committee of your own study programme (see contact details). If there are vacancies, the OC will contact interested students and select the student members.

The staff members of the Programme Committee will nominate the student members to the dean, who will then formally appoint the students.

Profiling Fund

As a student member of the Programme Committee you may be entitled to an Administrative Body Membership Grant from the UvA Profiling Fund, but please be advised that part-time students currently do not qualify. More information about this grant can be found in the Profiling Fund Regulations: