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Why would I want to be a candidate?

This page explains why it might be interesting to become a candidate for your Programme Committee (PC). It also answers frequent questions about participating in the works council elections.

  • PC members can exert a positive influence on the quality of education of the degree programmes they represent.
  • PC members have the honour of promoting the interests of a major share of their students and lecturers.
  • PC participation is informative. You will learn a lot about organization of education because of the subjects that the PC is expected to advise on or concerning which it must grant its approval.
  • Through your PC-work you will get to know your programme and faculty better.
  • PC participation can be a pleasant interruption of studying.


How much time does it take?

This depends on the Programme Committee. On average, you can expect to spend between eight and ten hours a month to actively fulfil your duties in the Programme Committee. Programme Committee student members receive compensation for their tasks based on a grant from the Profiling Fund (student members)

Am I capable of PC work?

Every student that wants to actively contribute to the quality of the degree programme is very capable to become a Programme Committee member. As Programme Committee member you are  entitled to training in order to properly perform your tasks.

What is the term of office for PC membership?

The term of office for being an elected member of a Programme Committee is one academic year (from 1 September to 31 August inclusive). Programme Committees that are not composed by means of an election can be nominated for a longer term of office.