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Erik Westermann

Student member of the PC of Linguistics (BA)

When I was asked to be in PC, I immediately accepted. I have found that I, through the years, have come to care about our programme deeply. I saw this as an opportunity to not only provide input for improvement, but also implement it. The work in the PC is very diverse, which is something that suits me. It covers regular things like discussing course reviews each block, but also solving any issues that come up. These things require nuance, empathy and creativity. It is nice to work with involved people that also value these traits.

The PC is more important than one might first assume: it is involved in many long-term changes that have widespread consequences for our programme and the entire faculty. Reviewing and altering the TER is a great example of one of the tasks that faces the PC. In my time on the PC I have enjoyed the responsibility to be the spokesperson for my fellow students, as well as having influence in the future of the programme itself. I sincerely hope that will be carried on, making Linguistics even better than it already is!